1. Sound Cloud

Vietnik is a musical pseudonym born in 2013

“What are you reading?
- An article on Bob Dylan
- Who's he?
- A Vietnik
- What's that?
- It comes from beatnik and Vietnam
- "Who are you, Mr. Bob Dylan?"
Jean-Luc Godard

There must have been clouds in the sky when I was listening to Dylan’s songs, and his hypnotic singsong gradually freed my timid gaze from its fear of looking into the world, and this voice, both new and ancient, never before heard, sang about the most normal and fantastic stories, about unspecified places, wavering between city and countryside, about loves and cruel outskirts, lacerated visions and sounds (...). There are always clouds in the sky when I listen to Dylan’s songs, and enchantment of a mysterious recomposition takes place, as if his voice and his music were a miraculous secret for looking into the world that lies in front of me; and so all life’s beautiful and clean things come to mind, and you rethink and regret what you will leave unfinished, what you will not do, the lands you will not see. –Luigi Ghirri